how our oil born
come nasce il nostro olio

The olive grove, located in a hilly and sunny place, consists of olive trees, even secular, the varieta’nocellara Etna, biancolilla, ogliarola Messina and verdello, grown in 100% organic agriculture, no pesticide or chemical fertilizer.

le olive

The olives are harvested by hand when perfectly ripe and placed in special aired boxes.

The olives are transported to the mill, then weighed, washed and separated from the leaves and foreign objects, and cold pressed within 12 hours after harvesting.


Cold working involves that the temperature does not exceed 27 ° C, in order not to miss, by evaporation, beneficial and aromatic substances.

olio di oliva

At the first stage of pressing following that of kneading which has the purpose of separating the emulsion between oil and water and facilitate separation of the oil must from the solid residue. By kneading vats fact they get the oil monster, fragrant and rich in polyphenols.